24-Hour Cumming! -The Woman Ravaged by a Pleasure Machine - | Yorito Saharu | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Noel Imai is a negative girl with her head stuck in her books, and no love interest...... On her 20th birthday she receives a present: a super-handsome cyborg from the future! "I'll be the one to satisfy you..." He says as he licks her all over....... "Aah, I'm coming......!!! She experiences ecstacy for the first time, and ends up doing forbidden things in the school toilet! Her first time is taken by the inexhaustible cyborg. She's made to come over and over until she can't stand it anymore......! However, she starts to develop feelings for him, as he stays by her side and protects her......! The laws of time are against them... What will happen to Noel and her cyborg boy!?