Her Hand in Marriage | [artist]Amu Taniguchi [original novel]Jessica Steele | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
While attending an art exhibition, Romillie is introduced to Naylor Cardell, but as they converse Romillie quickly finds the successful entrepreneur's arrogance infuriating. Not that she expected anything different from a man...not since her artist mother had had a mental breakdown after suffering under the tyranny of her abusive father. Romillie had been her mother's support, and that left her with no time to-or interest in-romance. But when Naylor looks at her with his impudent eyes, she feels a reluctant stirring in her heart. Could she ever let herself become involved with such an overbearing man...even one as alluring as Naylor?(c)AMU TANIGUCHI/JESSICA STEELE