Personal Relations The Personal Touch! 3 | [artist]Mayu Takayama [original novel]Heather Macallister | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Brook is shocked when one day her younger sister,Courtney,announces that she will be getting married to her boyfriend,Jeff. However,the two of them are still in high school. "As her older sister,I must put a stop to this reckless marriage!" When Brook consults with Jeff's cool and handsome older stepbrother,Chase,he throws her a $10,000 check,saying bluntly that "I'd like to pretend none of this ever happened"! Shaking with anger that he has insulted her sister by saying she's only after money,she ends up slapping him in a burst of outrage!(c)MAYU TAKAYAMA/HEATHER W. MACALLISTER