Nude Company Corp., Ltd. | Megumi Kanzaki | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Manabe is a graduate who gets a job at a big stationery manufacturer, where he reunites with a senior from his college days. His senior is such a good guy, and he's so cool... Manabe always looked up to him at Uni, so he starts working really hard to show him how good he is. But then, on his first day at work, during the morning introduction, Manabe realizes something unbelievable... What?! Everyone's naked and wearing neckties?! And the section chief's member is standing straight up toward the sky as he scolds his employees! Yes, this is an all-naked company, built on the precept of "Don't cover your heart with your hat. We won't let you!" New trainees meet each other totally naked, and project meetings go way overboard... Will Manabe really be able to protect his chastity in this crazy company?!