The Sheik and the Virgin Secretary | [artist]Kakuko Shinozaki [original novel]Susan Mallery | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
"Sir, would you make me your mistress?" Kiley, a plain and serious secretary, suddenly makes the bold request. Rafiq is taken aback but, sympathizing with her broken heart after being betrayed by her fianc?, decides to comply. However, with one fiendish condition. "If I take you as my mistress, you must satisfy me." Rafiq is the prince of the prosperous desert country of Lucia-Serrat and no stranger to romance. Is it even possible for her to satisfy his needs? At his mercy, Kiley finds herself undergoing an intensive course in the ways of pleasure-as she's guided to a new world of boundless joy and agony.(c)KAKUKO SHINOZAKI/SUSAN MACIAS REDMOND