Warring States Apartment of Love - Charge in and Go Crazy - | mamoru | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Shiro lives in a really beat-up apartment. It's hard enough for him to get used to living there, but then all of a sudden he's put in charge of managing it! As he's frozen in a daze, suddenly a weird hole opens up and out pops someone?! It's a super beautiful guy in armor... with an eyepatch?! Wait, it can't be... Date Masamune, the general from the Warring States Period?! Is this apartment connected with some weird time warp?! Then, even more warring states generals come out and live in the apartment, and they all want to make Shiro their page! In the hallway they sound their conch shells for battle... what's going to happen to Shiro's life?!