The Prince's Ultimate Deception Monte Carlo Affairs 2 | [artist]Emiko Inoue [original novel]Emilie Rose | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
"He's the most gorgeous tour guide in the world!" Upon arriving in beautiful Monaco, Madeline arranges for a tour guide at the hotel she's staying at. A man who happens to be at the hotel calls out to her: "Shall I be your guide, then?" While she's taken aback by the sudden proposition, the extraordinarily handsome figure makes her heart jump. On the other hand, the man is also pulled toward Madeline. "It seems she has no idea who I really am, the Duchy of Montagnarde's own Prince Dominic." Dominic decides to approach her without giving up his true identity.(c)EMIKO INOUE/EMILLIE ROSE CUNNINGHAM