The Passionate Sinner | [artist]Yoko Hanabusa [original novel]Violet Winspear | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
aPaul Von Setan is a genius surgeon acknowledged by the world for his accomplishments. The nurse Merlin unknowingly hands the doctor powerful eyedrops, which is part of a setup. The talented surgeon resultantly becomes blind; she then cries, "I have stolen everything that should be his!" Merlin is blamed for the incident and forced to leave the hospital. Merlin wishes to help the now-blind surgeon and make up for her action. She decides to follow the man she loves under an assumed identity to the remote tropical island where he hides himself after the incident. If it's ever possible, she is willing to give herself to him....(c)YOKO HANABUSA/HARLEQUIN ENTERPRISES IIB.V./S.a.r.l.