A Secretary's Dignity -Polishing a Plain Office Worker Through Beauty Training- | Natsumi Hata | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Mina is an office worker who doesn't like the fact that she's still a virgin at her age. She wants to become beautiful, so she gets a job at a beauty treatment company, but she's still as plain as ever... However, it seems that when for some reason talk of moving her to the secretarial division comes up, it seems they're looking for her to improve her appearance as well in order to be suitable to the handsome boss. She's sent to receive her company's beauty treatment, but in the treatment her chest is rubbed deeply, and she feels fingers being put in "down there"...!? She's never heard of such obscene beauty treatment! What will happen to Mina as she is trained by the company men to tempt the handsome company president...?!