Doukakis's Apprentice | [artist]Mizuho Ayabe [original novel]Sarah Morgan | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
The advertisement agency started by Polly's father has been bought out by Damon Doukakis. Why would the leader of such a large corporation choose this tiny company as his target? The workers are baffled, but Polly knows exactly why: Damon is trying to punish Polly's father for eloping with his sister, Arianna. Damon declares he will fire all of the executives, and also warns Polly that she will no longer have nepotism on her side. Damon's arrogance and Polly's determination to protect her company pit them against each other?but one night, sparks of passion end up leading to intimacy.(c)MIZUHO AYABE/SARAH MORGAN