The Sheikh's Virgin Stable-Girl | [artist]Nanao Hidaka [original novel]Sharon Kendrick | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
In the desert country of Calista, Eleni comes from a poor family and is controlled by her father, who loves to drink and gamble. One day, Prince Kaliq comes to challenge her father to a game for his prized horse. Riding in on a beautiful steed, the prince's regal beauty and physique are in stark contrast to their shabby home. Hungry for money, her father wagers his horse, but in the end, the prince is victorious. Eleni can't stand to separated from her beloved horse, so she begs the prince to take her as well. Little does she know an unimaginable life awaits her inside the palace...?(c)NANAO HIDAKA/HARLEQUIN BOOKS S.A.