Undercover Night Visits -An Apartment Full of Handsome Beasts- | Moto Akeno | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Ritsu, the main character, suddenly has to cover for the janitor of a small apartment. She decides to go around and introduce herself to the tenants of the apartment in the evening, and to her surprise, walks into a room where a super handsome guy is standing half-naked...! The guy asks, "What are you doing walking into my room dressed like that...? Are you hitting on me?" That guy, Mr. Yano, is quite relentless! He starts kissing her and makes her melt with his fingers... The following day, another young and handsome neighbor, who overheard Ritsu and Mr. Yano sleeping together, also approaches Ritsu... This apartment is full of wild beasts. Will she be able to handle all this...!?