A Wife Worth Keeping | [artist]Keiko Okamoto [original novel]Rosemary Carter | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
It's been over a year since she caught him cheating on her. Although she's been struggling, Samantha's getting used to a new life with her young daughter. One day, her estranged husband showed up at her apartment. He came to tell her about the massive inheritance that her father-in-law left for his granddaughter. But he gave her a shocking condition in order to receive it. If Samantha wants to receive the inheritance, she and Annie need to live with him for the next six months. Samantha can't live with the man who betrayed her. But when she thinks about her daughter's future...Samantha decided to go back to his house and engage in a marriage in name only.(c)KEIKO OKAMOTO/ROSEMARY CARTER