Acquired by Her Greek Boss | [artist]Rie Nakamura [original novel]Chantelle Shaw | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Sara is assistant to the Greek billionaire playboy Alekos. She also has secret feelings for him! Until now, she has lived by her mother's words: "Don't ever trust men." Her mother raised Sara by herself after Sara's father abandoned them, and through the years, those words have almost felt like a curse. Sara wants a change?she no longer wants to be just a boring secretary. So she takes a month off work and transforms into a entirely different Sara, one who completely shocks Alekos. At first he thinks she has a new lover, and yet he can't resist her. In fact, he decides to have her pretend to be his girlfriend, all the while saying that love is useless!(c)RIE NAKAMURA/CHANTELLE SHAW