Public Scandal, Private Mistress | [artist]Miwa Tachiki [original novel]Susan Napier | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Veronica came to Paris from New Zealand to sightsee. But right after she arrived, she spent her days in bed with the flu. Her only pleasure was staring at the attractive man sitting in the bar across from her hotel. On her last day in Paris, she recovered from the flu and decided to go to the bar he frequents. One thing led to another and they decided to go sightseeing together. They couldn't communicate well linguistically, but Vanessa had an amazing night with the man she'd been dreaming about for the past few days. The next morning, she left him without saying goodbye to keep their meeting as a good memory of being in a foreign country. But when she arrived at her next destination, he was at the station!(c)MIWA TACHIKI/SUSAN NAPIER