Tycoon's Temptation | [artist]Yuki Shiomiya [original novel]Trish Morey | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Holly lost her parents as a little girl; since then, her grandfather, who runs a winery, has been her sole guardian and making wine has become her life. Her efforts have paid off and her wines are receiving good reviews. When the high-end Chatsfield hotel chain offers a generous amount of money to make a deal with her, her grandfather is very happy about it, but she has a bad feeling. And her gut feeling turns out to be spot-on. Franco Chatsfield appears from nowhere, demanding she enter into a contract. She doesn't want to be associated with a family so steeped in gossip. She declines the offer, and yet his charm is starting to win her over!(c)YUKI SHIOMIYA/HARLEQUIN BOOKS S.A.