Pregnant with a Royal Baby! The Princes of Xaviera I | [artist]Motoyo Fujiwara [original novel]Susan Meier | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
High school counselor Ginny was asked to give a school tour to Dominic, the visiting high prince of Xaviera. He asks her to show him the town afterward, and the two spend a dreamlike night together. But the prince is from a different world...and their beautiful union must end after one night. One month later, Ginny realizes she's pregnant, so she travels to Xaviera to tell Dominic, only to find him cold and distant, a completely different person. Now they must enter into a contract marriage just for the duration of the child's infancy, a contract that ensures their eventual divorce.(c)MOTOYO FUJIWARA/LINDA SUSAN MEIER