Heartless Pursuit | [artist]Ayumu Aso [original novel]Jessica Steele | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Belvia has always looked out for her shy twin sister, Josy... Then, one day, her father invites Latham Tavenner, a ruthless financial mogul who's looking for help with his struggling business, over for dinner. Handsome Latham takes an interest in Josy, but all he offers Belvia is a cold stare. Bel is so frustrated by the time dinner is over, she blurts out an audacious lie...but now Latham thinks she's a reckless woman who's having an affair. Meanwhile Bel is doing all she can to protect Josy. She knows Latham's bad opinion of her shouldn't hurt this much, but it still stings.(c)AYUMU ASO/JESSICA STEELE