South Pacific Girlfriend -The Ocean, the Sun, and You...- | Mira | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Kiara is an exotic young lady from the South Pacific who walks into the shop where Nozomi works part-time. They go out, get drunk and spend the night together...! A woman knows what makes another woman feel good! Juices flow as Kiara's slender finger and slippery tongue tend to Nozomi's sweet spot, driving her to wonderful, shuddering heights. Women only!? She's only had a few clumsy romances with men, and now Nozomi just can't get Kiara out of her mind! Daybreak sees Kiara coolly heading off to the airport and then home... with Nozomi in pursuit! And with that, Nozomi and Kiara's steamy South Pacific lifestyle begins!