Two Brothers and a Bride | [artist]Kasumi Kuroda [original novel]Elizabeth Harbison | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Waitress Joleen should be in ecstasy after being proposed to by a multimillionaire. It's her chance to break free of her struggles after losing her mother and working to put herself through night classes. However, she's unable to commit herself to a marriage with him. He's from a completely different world; does he even love her? He invites her to come to his house to meet his family, and she accepts his invitation. But a thoroughly unfriendly man comes to pick her up. It turns out he's Jake, the multimillionaire's younger brother. And even while he's disparaging her, saying she isn't good enough to join his family, Joleen can feel an electric connection with Jake!(c)KASUMI KURODA/ELIZABETH HARBISON