The Best Man and the Bridesmaid | [artist]Yohna [original novel]Liz Fielding | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Daisy has been in love with her childhood friend Robert for years, but she isn't particularly confident, and Robert is a notorious playboy. She decided long ago that the best way to stay by his side was to keep things strictly platonic and remain friends. Daisy goes out of her way to look plain whenever she's around him to avoid confusing their friendship. Daisy's brother is getting married soon, Robert is the best man, and Daisy has been roped into being a bridesmaid... She decides that after the wedding, she's going to move on from her one-sided love and find romance. But Robert is about to see another side of Daisy-the side that looks stunning in formalwear!(c)YOHNA/LIZ FIELDING