The Prince's Mistress | [artist]Yu Kohaku [original novel]Sandra Marton | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Chloe, a busy model, is helping out at a charity ball when she meets billionaire Nick. He agrees to make a significant donation...if she'll go out to dinner with him! Chloe isn't thrilled about this, but she finds herself drawn in by his unpretentious demeanor and ends up spending the night with him. It was reckless of her, but she doesn't regret it. Chloe has but a little time before she must return to her obligations as the daughter of a sheikh in the kingdom of Calista, and she wants to make some special memories before she goes back. But what she doesn't know is that Nick is more than just a billionaire-he has a hidden identity of his own!(c)YU KOHAKU/HARLEQUIN BOOKS S.A.