The Ultimate Playboy The 21st Century Gentleman's Club I | [artist]Satoru Nagasawa [original novel]Maya Blake | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
On a mission to meet a certain someone, Ruby, in the guise of a bartender, sneaks into Q Virtus, an exclusive world-class gentleman's club for billionaires. Everyone inside wears masks to hide their identities, but when the person she's waiting for appears, she knows him instantly by his unmistakable aura and piercing green eyes. Narciso Valentino... The shrewd, successful businessman who has the New York financial markets in the palm of his hand is also known as the Magician of Wall Street. Ruby needs to ask a favor of him. He, meanwhile, has just one goal in sight-making her his own for the night...(c)SATORU NAGASAWA/MAYA BLAKE