The Billionaire's Borrowed Baby | [artist]Nanami Akino [original novel]Janice Maynard | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Hattie's been taking care of her late sister's niece, but if she wants to keep doing so, she's going to need help. So she's proposed a fake marriage to her ex, millionaire Luc Cavallo. In order to keep her niece away from her nasty brother-in-law's family, she's lied about having a rich fiance, and now she's going to need to produce one! As Hattie was explaining the situation to him, she was sure Luc would say no, but to her surprise, he accepted her proposal. He even asked her and Deedee to move in with him. All of her wishes immediately came true, yet her mind fluctuated between elation and doubt-has Hattie made a deal with a devil?(c)NANAMI AKINO/JANICE MAYNARD