Passion's Mistress | [artist]Yu Mahara [original novel]Helen Bianchin | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Carly was elated by famous millionaire Stefano's passionate proposal of marriage. But just three months into that marriage, Carly was dragged down from the heights of happiness into loveless misery. Stefano was barely ever home and, worse, he had a mistress. So Carly fled the mansion, only realizing afterward that she was pregnant. Seven years later, their child, whom she has been raising on her own, comes down with a serious illness, and she is unable to pay the massive cost of the surgery. She has only one choice...to ask Stefano for help. Furious that she has kept the existence of his child a secret all these years, he puts a condition on his help-they must become husband and wife once again.(c)YU MAHARA/HELEN BIANCHIN