A Scandalous Liaison / The Unmasking of Lady Loveless | [artist]Misao Hoshiai [original novel]Elizabeth Rolls : Nicola Cornick | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Evelyn inherited the title of viscount as well as a splendid estate... He has everything he could possibly want, but his heart is still heavy. Six years ago he stole the virtue of his good friend's younger sister, Loveday Trehearne, but what could he do? The two of them were from different classes-they were torn apart and haven't spoken in years. Now Evelyn is looking for someone to paint a mural in his new manor and has received a proposal from a mysterious artist named L. Trehearne...This volume also includes the story Lady Loveless. Someone has been writing novels that scandalize all of London, but Count Alexander Beaumont refuses to believe that the mystery author behind these shocking books is his quiet, modest wife, Melicent!(c)MISAO HOSHIAI/ELIZABETH ROLLS/NICOLA CORNICK