Knight of Passion / Something Borrowed, Something Blue | [artist]Yuki Shiomiya [original novel]Marie Ferrarella : Margaret Moore | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Medieval England-Rosamond's parents are going to marry her off, so she's decided to leave their castle in search of freedom. When she finds herself beset by drunkards instead, a knight named Sir Kynan helps her get rid of them. And for the first time, a man see her for more than just her position as the lord's daughter. He sees her for who she is. The two spend a passionate night together and fall in love. But the next day, Kynan is to participate in a tournament intended to celebrate Rosamond's wedding! Bonus story:Something Borrowed, Something Blue.(c)YUKI SHIOMIYA/HARLEQUIN BOOKS S.A. / MARIE RYDZYNSKI-FERRARELLA