You're My Irresistible Extracurricular! | Takayuki Shidatsu | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Miidera is a promising new member of his high school's baseball team, but he's forced to take a temporary leave of absence after breaking his leg. Restless and alone, Miidera aimlessly wanders into an empty classroom where he meets Yukami, a senior in the art club who is apparently painting the school grounds. Miidera tries to leave, but he stumbles on his crutches, ripping a hole in the canvas! "I'll do anything!" he insists, stricken by the trouble he's caused, so Yukami asks him to model for a new painting. Miidera reluctantly agrees, and Yukami happily begins removing the younger student's clothes...! This is a pure yet erotic school love story from Takayuki Shidatsu, author of "Your Butt Fetish is a Pain in my Ass"!