Crack Star [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] | Tomo Kurahashi | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
It's Shino's fifth year living and working in the city. He's swamped with work, but he loves his life. One night, his old high-school friend Mio comes to visit. Mio's broke and has no place to stay, so he asks Shino to let him crash for the night. Mio's changed a bit since they last met, but at least his child-like quirkiness is still there. Though they haven't seen each other in years, Shino remembers how fun it was to have Mio around. Shino also finds out Mio had cheated on his soon-to-be fiancee with a man! Shino isn't about to leave Mio on the streets after Mio calls him his "hero," so he suggests that Mio live with him, but... A sensual love story about a reunion between a guy who has it all and a "stray cat" with some skeletons in his closet!Includes three digital-only pages.