[Bundle] Heiress Heroine Vol.1 | [artist]Yu Kohaku : Chizuko Beppu : Tsukiko Kurebayashi [original novel]Lynne Graham : Susan Stephens : Lyn Stone | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : THE HEIRESS BRIDE, A Spanish Inheritance, and Word of a Gentleman."I found a husband for you. Get married within two weeks!" Ione was astonished by this demand from her Greek tycoon stepfather. Without considering her feelings, he wants to pass on his business to Alexio, a successful businessman from a prestigious family, by forcing her to marry him. What's worse, Alexio is the arrogant man who mistook her for a maid two months ago. Until now, she's been enduring mistreatment from her stepfather, but she can't take it anymore. Her honeymoon is the chance...Her chance to abandon Alexio and home, and escape for good!(c)YU KOHAKU/LYNNE GRAHAM(c)CHIZUKO BEPPU/SUSAN STEPHENS(c)TSUKIKO KUREBAYASHI/LYNDA STONE