[Bundle] Rules of Office Love Vol.1 | [artist]Yoko Hazuki : Yuri Kanoko : Junko Tamura [original novel]Chantelle Shaw : Helen Brooks : Ally Blake | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : THE GREEK BOSS'S BRIDE, The Boss's Inexperienced Secretary, and HIRED: THE BOSS'S BRIDE.Nik Niarchou is admired as a god by those inside and outside the international company he heads. His performance in work, and in bed, is legendary. Beautiful women are lining up, dying to be his future bride. Kezia is his personal assistant from the Greek head office, and she's heard he is efficient and sexy but also arrogant. When his usual approaches don't work, Nik can see he's going to have to try something new to capture the irresistible Kezia.(c)YOKO HAZUKI/CHANTELLE SHAW(c)YURI KANOKO/HELEN BROOKS(c)JUNKO TAMURA/ALLY BLAKE