Mr. Pushover, Take off Your Glasses -After-School Lessons with My Teacher, The Hidden Hottie- | Mawo Aoyama | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Yuu Shiromine is a popular high school guy with a large sexual appetite. When he finds out that even the right man can satisfy him, his visits to the gay district become never-ending. He normally doesn't fraternize with guys from his own school, but even the best make mistakes. A heated argument with said mistake ensues and Mr. Kurosawa, Yuu's teacher, steps in to stop it. That's when Yuu realizes that his teacher might be a sexy beast underneath the unkempt hair and glasses. Same school? Who cares! He's got the hots for his teacher! When Yuu gets Mr. Kurosawa into his house, he finds this beast is a bit wilder than he expects!