[Bundle] Emilie Rose Best Selection Vol.1 | [artist]Marito Ai : Emiko Inoue : Miwa Tchiki [original novel]Emilie Rose | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : Executive's Pregnancy Ultimatum, The Prince's Ultimate Deception, and Exposing the Executive's Secrets."What? We're not divorced?" Renee, who runs a catering business, receives unexpected news one day. The divorce papers that should have been processed seven years ago were never submitted. She is still married to her husband, Flynn! But this may be an unexpected opportunity. She doesn't need a husband, but wants a child. Since she is still his wife, she wonders if a sperm bank where her husband's sperm has been stored will let her use it. When Flynn learns of Renee's plan, he reacts to it positively and offers his help.(c)MARITO AI/HARLEQUIN ENTERPRISES IIB.V./S.a.r.l.(c)EMIKO INOUE/EMILLIE ROSE CUNNINGHAM(c)MIWA TACHIKI/EMILIE ROSE CUNNINGHAM