[Bundle] True and sincere love Selection | [artist]Kyoko Sagara : Keiko Okamoto : Sayuri Nagasaki [original novel]Amy Andrews : Ally Blake : Elizabeth Harbison | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : Greek Doctor, Cinderella Bride, FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR, and IN HER BOSS'S ARMS.Isobella was a popular model in her teens, but during a tragic photo shoot, she sustained a wound that would leave a scar forever. A few years have past, and Isobella now works at a lab in Brisbane. She wears an oversize white coat and an awkward-looking pair of glasses while keeping to herself. One day, she meets the Greek owner, Alexander Zaphirides. And she ends up having to go to an island paradise with him...(c)KYOKO SAGARA/AMY ANDREWS(c)KEIKO OKAMOTO/ALLY BLAKE(c)SAYURI NAGASAKI/ELIZABETH HARBISON