[Bundle] Age Difference Romance Vol.5 | [artist]Tomoko Sato : Maoko Nagasaki : Jinko Soma [original novel]Chantelle Shaw : Kathryn Ross : Maggie Cox | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains :AFTER THE GREEK AFFAIR,INTERVIEW WITH A PLAYBOY , and BRAZILIAN BOSS, VIRGIN HOUSEKEEPERBelle, a fashion designer, awaits the business tycoon Loukas. She's been commissioned to make his sister's wedding dress on short notice. However, when Loukas arrives he haughtily shoves a check in her hands and declares that her services are no longer required and that she is to return home. But this contract is important to her, and at last Belle convinces Loukas to give her a chance. Now they're off to his private island paradise where she needs to do everything she can to prove to him he's made the right choice.(c)TOMOKO SATO/CHANTELLE SHAW(c)MAOKO NAGASAKI/KATHRYN ROSS(c)JINKO SOMA/MAGGIE COX