[Bundle] Bid for Love Vol.1 | [artist]Ryo Arisawa : Satoru Nagasawa : Mayu Sakura [original novel]Sarah Morgan : Emilie Rose : Tiffany White | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains :The Greek Children's Doctor,Paying the Playboy's Price , and MALE FOR SALELibby Westerling deeply cares about children, so when the children's ward needs to raise money she volunteers herself in an auction. Just as she thinks she's about to be bought by a despicable man, she is saved by a prince charming, Dr. Andreas Christakos. Even so, she isn't interested in falling in love due to her distrust of men. But that doesn't stop Andreas. He is confident that Libby will soon realize her feelings for him. Much to Libby's dismay, they even have to work together, so avoiding Andreas's advances will be even harder for her. Will Andreas be able to break through the wall around Libby's heart?(c)RYO ARISAWA/SARAH MORGAN(c)SATORU NAGASAWA/EMILIE ROSE CUNNINGHAM(c)MAYU SAKURA/ANNA EBERHARDT