[Bundle] Bid for Love Vol.6 | [artist]Fusako Wazumi : Towa Isezaki : Mayu Kasumi [original novel]Fiona Harper : Day Leclaire : Justine Davis | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains :A WHOLE LOT OF LOVE,A MAN FOR ALL SEASONINGS , and INVITATION TO THE BOSS'S BALLLayla Laraway has a smooth-as-silk voice, but when most men meet her in person, they disregard her due to her full figure. Layla's gotten used to the idea that no man will ever fall in love with her, and she's got her work with Alzheimer's patients and her charity work to keep her busy. When she's accidentally thrown onto the auction block at a charity event, Ethan Winslow bids on her when no one else does. Can Layla get past her insecurities and see that she's found a good man, or will the love in her heart go to waste?(c)FUSAKO WAZUMI/FIONA HARPER(c)TOWA ISEZAKI/DAY TOTTON SMITH(c)MAYU KASUMI/JANICE DAVIS SMITH