[Bundle] Age Difference Romance Vol.7 | [artist]Karin Miyamoto : Kazumi Kamiya [original novel]Anne Mather : Robyn Donald | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains :INNOCENT VIRGIN, WILD SURRENDER, and THE STONE PRINCESSMom ran away with a younger man? Still doubting the situation, Rachel goes on a mission to a Caribbean island.?She can't believe that strong and sexy Matthew Brody, who owns the majority of the island along with a hotel and plantation, is really her mother's lover! Rachel begins associating with Matthew under a fake name, but she notices that her heartbeat quickly responds each time he touches her.?She longs to lose herself in his sweet invitation... And even though she knows he's her mother's fiance, she offers her body and soul to him!(c)KARIN MIYAMOTO/ANNE MATHER(c)KAZUMI KAMIYA/ROBYN DONALD