Wedding Date with the Best Man | [artist]Rin Natsumi [original novel]Melissa Mcclone | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
Photojournalist Tristan is entranced after being introduced to his best friend's fiancee, Jayne. He falls for her at fight sight, but there's no way he can let his feelings be known. Instead, he steels his heart and avoids Jayne at all costs. But when he finds out that Rich has been cheating on Jayne, Tristan takes matters into his own hands and sends the text message that leads to the collapse of their engagement. Jayne has no idea of his role in her broken engagement, and as she spends time with Tristan and gets the loving care she so desperately needs, the seeds of love begin to sprout within Jayne's heart. Will those seeds grow into something more?(c)RIN NATSUMI/MELISSA MARTINEZ McCLONE