[Bundle] Just for sex Selection Vol.3 | [artist]Haruhi Sakura : Hiroko Miura : Misao Hoshiai [original novel]Melanie Milburne : Sandra Field : Sarah Morgan | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : SHOCK: ONE-NIGHT HEIR, HIS ONE-NIGHT MISTRESS, and One Night...Nine-Month Scandal.Maya, who grew up an orphan, married the first son of the Sabbatini family, a wealthy hotel tycoon, but her failure to give him a successor has created a divide between her and the rest of his family. Five years later, she left the marriage...and Giorgio didn't even try to stop her. Months afterward, she bumped into him again, and their passions led to one last encounter...Six month after that, she found out that she's finally pregnant...but, for the child's sake, she won't let that cold family know about it!(c)HARUHI SAKURA/MELANIE MILBURNE(c)HIROKO MIURA/SANDRA FIELD(c)MISAO HOSHIAI/SARAH MORGAN