[Bundle] Passion romance Selection Vol.7 | [artist]JET : Kazumi Kamiya : Mon Ito [original novel]Penny Jordan : Stephanie Howard : Yvonne Lindsay | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : Mistress to Her Husband,KISSING CARLA, and CLAIMING HIS RUNAWAY BRIDE.Years after divorcing her unfaithful husband, Kate Vincent arrives at work assuming it will be just another day. To her dismay, she finds out thather boss is being replaced by her ex-husband, billionaire businessman, Sean Howard. Desperate to keep Sean as far away from herself and her precious little secret, Kate immediately submits her letter of resignation and rushes home. The life she's built instantly shatters around her when Sean shows up on her doorstep refusing to accept her letter of resignation and comes face-to-face with her secret.(c)JET/PENNY JORDAN(c)KAZUMI KAMIYA/STEPHANIE HOWARD(c)MON ITO/DOLCE VITA TRUST