[Bundle] Heroine Makeover Selection Vol.5 | [artist]Junko Okada : Kyoko Sagara : Sae Nanahoshi [original novel]Robyn Grady : Cathy Yardley : Lindsay Armstrong | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : Bedded by Blackmail, The Cinderella Solution, and THE GIRL HE NEVER NOTICED."Ella? Is that you?" Tristan Barkley comes home early from his business trip to find a strange woman in his home. At first he's taken in by her beauty. Then he comes to a shocking realization-this woman is Ella, his plain and unassuming housekeeper! Taking his ugly-duckling-turned-swan housekeeper out to dinner, he finds himself becoming increasingly attracted to her as they spend more time together. Not only is this new Ella (having put aside her dowdy housekeeper's uniform) gorgeous, she's considerate and honest. She's perfect wife material. What will Tristan do, now that he's found the perfect woman right under his nose?(c)JUNKO OKADA/ROBYN GRADY(c)KYOKO SAGARA/CATHY YARDLEY(c)SAE NANAHOSHI/LINDSAY ARMSTRONG