[Bundle] High Review Selection Vol.8 | [artist]Nami Akimoto : Hiromi Ogata : Natsue Ogoshi [original novel]Sarah Morgan : Maggie Cox : Sandra Marton | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : The Twelve Nights of Christmas, SECRETARY MISTRESS, CONVENIENT WIFE, and THE SHEIKH'S CONVENIENT BRIDE.A few days away from Christmas. Evie, evicted from her home, falls asleep in a suite at the hotel she works at as a cleaner. Her boss told her she could use the room as a special treat. At dawn, she awakes to the feeling of sweet lips, and sees an extremely sexy man before her eyes. Just then, a camera flash goes off, and a paparazzo runs away. What just happened? When she takes a good look at the still-upset man, he turns out to be the hotel's owner, Rio. He is worried about the trap, and asks several things of Evie. Then he declares, "I will announce my engagement to you."(c)NAMI AKIMOTO/SARAH MORGAN(c)HIROMI OGATA/MAGGIE COX(c)NATSUE OGOSHI/SANDRA MARTON