[Bundle] My Hero is Sheikh Selection vol.4 | [artist]Nami Akimoto : Natsue Ogoshi : Junko Murata [original novel]Rebecca Winters : Sandra Marton : Michelle Reid | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : Her Desert Prince, THE SHEIKH'S CONVENIENT BRIDE, and The Frenchman's Bride/The Sheikh's Chosen Wife.Lauren journeys to the desert country of Al Shafeeq, where her late grandmother once shared a secret tryst with the king. Carrying with her as a memento the medallion the king gave to her grandmother, Lauren travels through the desert, but is soon caught up in a raging sandstorm. When she comes to her senses, she finds herself in a bedroom in the royal palace! She learns she's been saved by Rafi, a man employed by the king. Rafi's noble aura and handsome visage cause Lauren's heart to stir. And if she's not mistaken, he seems to be directing his deep and alluring gaze back at her!(c)NAMI AKIMOTO/REBECCA WINTERS(c)NATSUE OGOSHI/SANDRA MARTON(c)JUNKO MURATA/MICHELLE REID/REBECCA WINTERS