[Bundle] A Perfect Makeover Vol.3 | [artist]Motoko Mori : Yoko Hazuki : Hibiki Sakuraya [original novel]Jennie Adams : Emma Darcy : Miranda Lee | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : "PROMOTED: SECRETARY TO BRIDE!", "A VERY STYLISH AFFAIR", and "The Playboy's Virgin".For the past three years, Molly has secretly been in love with her boss, Jarrod. She knows nothing will ever happen between them because they're employer and subordinate...but it doesn't keep her from dreaming about it. But when nasty rumors about their company begin to spread, Jarrod decides to get to the bottom of them, and he decides to take Molly out to parties with him to follow the trail of gossip. With the help of her mother and her meddlesome aunts, she manages to pretty herself up for Jarrod. He certainly takes notice of her new look, but is it the pretty clothes or Molly herself that have truly captured Jarrod's interest?(c)MOTOKO MORI/JENNIFER ANN RYAN(c)YOKO HAZUKI/EMMA DARCY(c)HIBIKI SAKURAYA/MIRANDA LEE