[Bundle] A Perfect Makeover Vol.2 | [artist]Ryuko Tatsumi : Mao Karino : Ayumi Sasaki [original novel]Emma Darcy : Nancy Warren : Renee Roszel | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : "HIS BOARDROOM MISTRESS", "French Kissing", and "GETTING OVER HARRY".Plain old Liz knows she was nothing special to her boss, Cole, but when she returns from vacation, she's quickly turning heads with her new makeover. With Cole having to find someone to accompany him on his mother's vacation, he too is looking at Liz in a whole new way. But he's reeling from a bad divorce and the loss of his son, and Liz can't tell whether Cole sees her as an attractive employee, a suitable girlfriend...or just a comforting bed to sleep in.(c)RYUKO TATSUMI/EMMA DARCY(c)MAO KARINO/NANCY WARREN(c)AYUMI SASAKI/RENEE ROSZEL WILSON