[Bundle] Office Love Selection Vol.5 | [artist]Sara Nakayama : Atsuko Nakamura : Sayuri Nagasaki [original novel]Leigh Michaels : Susan Stephens : Elizabeth Harbison | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : THE BOSS'S DAUGHTER, ITALIAN BOSS, PROUD MISS PRIM, and IN HER BOSS'S ARMS.After her father suffers a heart attack, Amy is the only one who can save her family's auction house from a financial crisis. The mysterious Dylan Copeland joined the company a year and a half ago as her father's secretary-he's a handsome man with deep blue eyes, but he's rubbed Amy the wrong way from the first day they met. Now they need to work together if they hope to restore the company to its former standing. Can Amy set aside her misgivings long enough to see her mission through?(c)SARA NAKAYAMA/LEIGH MICHAELS(c)ATSUKO NAKAMURA/SUSAN STEPHENS(c)SAYURI NAGASAKI/ELIZABETH HARBISON