[Bundle] Millionaire's Love Selection Vol.6 | [artist]Yoshiko Hanatsu : Hitomi Tsukise : Miyako Fujiomi [original novel]Ally Blake : Laura Wright : Catherine George | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : Millionaire to the Rescue, MILLIONAIRE'S CALCULATED BABY BID, and The Millionaire's Rebellious Mistress.Brooke's life is on the verge of destruction. Following the death of her husband, Cal, in a car accident, she loses her house and reputation because of the debts he's left behind. At a loss, she is saved by Cal's best friend, Danny. The handsome man is always hopping from one fling to another, but he'd always been kind and courteous to Brooke. His encouraging words convince Brooke she's not alone and help console her aching heart. But she has to remember he's only showing her such warmth because she's the wife of his best friend...right?(c)YOSHIKO HANATSU/ALLY BLAKE(c)HITOMI TSUKISE/LAURA WRIGHT(c)MIYAKO FUJIOMI/CATHERINE GEORGE