[Bundle] Millionaire's Love Selection Vol.3 | [artist]Sami Fujimoto : Midori Seto : Atsuko Nakamura [original novel]Maggie Cox : Robyn Grady : Anne Mather | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : THE MEDITERRANEAN MILLIONAIRE'S MISTRESS, NAUGHTY NIGHTS IN THE MILLIONAIRE'S MANSION, and The Brazilian Millionaire's Love-Child.Ianthe Dane is exploring Greece when she comes across a photograph at a gallery that touches her deeply. The photographer is Lysander Rosakis, and Ianthe quickly falls in love with his expressive eyes and the images he's able to capture. But Lysander isn't the simple, independent photographer she thought-he's the manager of a multimillion-dollar shipping company. And Ianthe isn't just any tourist-she's searching for clues to her past left behind by her birth mother.(c)SAMI FUJIMOTO/MAGGIE COX(c)MIDORI SETO/ROBYN GRADY(c)ATSUKO NAKAMURA/ANNE MATHER