[Bundle] Top3 Collection in 2016 Quarter 1 | [artist]Satomi Ikezawa : Kyoko Sagara : Kazuna Uchida [original novel]Julia James : Abby Green : Maisey Yates | Renta! - Official digital-manga store
This bundle contains : FROM DIRT TO DIAMONDS, THE SULTAN'S CHOICE, and A MISTAKE, A PRINCE AND A PREGNANCY.Raised in foster homes, Kat is determined to escape the life of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution that defined the lives of her mother and her grandmother. She auditions for a job as a model, but doesn't quite make the cut. Instead, she's offered the chance of a lifetime by billionaire Angelos Petrakos. A dream-like dinner, a first kiss...Kat felt her life had changed, but she wasn't yet aware of the complex mixture of love and hate that would come to define her relationship with Angelos...(c)SATOMI IKEZAWA/JULIA JAMES(c)KYOKO SAGARA/ABBY GREEN(c)KAZUNA UCHIDA/MAISEY YATES